On June 3rd, 2015 my life was changed and I must say for the better. I believe God spared my life to bring his people together with community unity. Starting with one homeless man in Las Vegas, Nevada with negotiating at a McDonald's fast food restaurant to provide him with a meal. McDonald's stepped up. Along with the food I purchased, they added more to help me feed him. I knew what hunger was because the entire summer I ate little to nothing, mostly clear fluids, per doctors orders during each hospital stay and there were many stays in order to save me. The summer of 2015

Dorene Corothers Before.jpg

I then knew I was saved to help people, God’s people....I went from 170 to 117 in four months. I had a breast reconstruction/reduction due to excess lumps in my breast. A boil removed because it had grown to the size of a silver dollar and a hysterectomy just to name a few during my first stay at the hospital.

By the time I was totally finished I had a possible chance of a heart attack or stroke but it was stopped by my nurse with medication. The total hysterectomy was caused by multiple fibroids, a hole in my bladder which caused 3 liters of puss to accumulate and had to be drained from my stomach. Two blood transfusions, excess bio matter drained from my stomach by putting tubes down my nostrils on two separate occasions, blood thinner injections, major kidney surgery, a hole in my lower intestine which was slowly killing me. The doctors told me they were not God but if I did not come in when I did, I would not have made it another month. Three blood clots, two went up my legs with one that broke off and traveled to my lung. There are so many other things that I had to endure.

So you can see " God is good and all the time ". He brought me back and look at me now!!

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