This past weekend was very encouraging.  Our "Pack The Pantry Food Drive/Fund Raiser" event went pretty well.  Thanks to KFOX News coverage and social media group Foodies of El Paso word spread quickly and enough funds were raised to keep the doors of You Eat/ I Eat open through October and enough food was brought in to help out quite a few people for the next few weeks. 

In support of our neighbors in need many of you showed up to the event and donated much needed canned goods, dry goods, personal hygiene items, bottled water and school supplies.  Those of you who could spare it made on the spot monetary donations.  Others not present contributed online.  Even a few out of towners who had learned of our Community's efforts via social media helped us out in helping our neighbors.  

Enough to keep the doors open for another two months raised within a week.  Wow.  Such an outpour of support and generosity at "a moment's notice".  Just think what may be possible powered with foreknowledge.   If we can all maintain this momentum it would be GREAT!  If anyone knows of anyone who is in a position to "keep the winds in our sails" please speak with them.  The Holidays are on the approach and we all know that during this time finances are stretched a bit more thinly for most of us and donations will of course be more difficult.  But please continue to help out as best you can.


And on the behalf of our neighbors in need and directly from my wife and me,                 

Thanks again.

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