APRIL 28 2016

William Slider Middle School Students went beyond any expectations we could have imagined, When we asked the staff to help the fellow man with a food / clothing drive.

These 6th, 7th and 8th grade students can teach us all a thing or two about caring for the fellow man. They made a poster, decorated a water jug and began asking their fellow students for pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters, dollars were also collected.

They raised 211.00 in two weeks and they also collected 3 large bags of clothing. I had no idea when we were called saying that the students wanted to speak with us that they had done such a wonderful thing for the pantry.

Several of the students said they had donated all they had to help. I applaud them and we are so thankful for every penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollar collected. I am proud to say that my daughter attended school there many years ago. The staff is caring and want each and every student to do only their very best. WILLIAM SLIDER MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ROCKS.

Thank you