MARCH 25, 2016

Thank you to the 25 volunteer's who caringly donated their time to support the pantry with serving 130 men, women and children in need with a homemade Easter meal with all the trimmings to go. We were able to give out meals, baskets, clothing and so much more thanks to your help. Special thanks to COSTCO who donated once again wonderful deserts and breads, Bonnie Franco and her daughter Michelle Horan for their donation of homemade cupcakes once again, SOUTHERN MAID DONUTS for their wonderful donuts. SAVER'S STORE for their donation of toy's and baskets, Virginia Lawyer and family for their donations of dresses, candy and so much more. I want to also thank Cristina Mason and family for supplying additional Easter baskets and the fillings to go inside. PJ Stuckart for the pretty socks for girls and boy socks that were included in the baskets. Thanks to the help of all of you assisting on getting everything ready before and during the event with me the event was a huge success.