You've seen recent local news coverage of the pending closure of You Eat\I Eat Community Unity Food Pantry.  It saddens us that the assistance we have provided to so many could come to a sudden end.  We have enjoyed being able to give back to our adoptive community.  Helping some of our Fellow El Pasoans stretch their food dollars as best they can until such a time that they are back on their feet has been quite the challenge.

But we haven't been alone in our efforts.

Over the past three years many of you have come through for the Pantry by sharing with us what you could for which we are greatly appreciative.  You have donated funds, foods, new and gently used clothing, new and gently used toys, school supplies and even your time.   The selflessness you have demonstrated is quite inspiring.  So many of you have not had the pleasure of seeing the end result of your own goodhearted gestures:

A child's face lighting up when receiving a donated toy along with a hot meal days before Christmas.  A young mother coming in and finding a much needed jacket for her child.  Or a young woman asking for and finding an outfit she needed for a job interview.  A hard working father finding a good pair of work boots.  A teen whose book-bag had seen better days.  A grandmother who had little to put on the stove for dinner.  A grandfather whose 8 year-old grandson was so happy to find a winter coat which, quote, "Has a zipper that actually works!"

Then there are those of you who have brought your kids in to volunteer with you.  The lessons that come with that are immeasurable.   But one particular lesson learned was that of a 12 year-old volunteer who spoke to her grandfather about what she and her siblings do at the Pantry throughout the summer.  Her stories prompted him to make a generous donation. 

Thanks to so many of you we have been able to do so much for others but there are still those who are struggling to make ends meet.  "Caring for our Fellow Man".  "Our Brothers' Keepers". "It takes a Village".  

So much good.  So much gratitude.

Please help us keep it going.